Antiochia 1+1

Designed using the most advanced building science principles

The accuracy of our engineering and design is proven through scientific peer review. Enjoy the luxury, comfort, and environmental innovation of a pre-certified passive house!

Antiochia Desktop

Many construction projects contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to humans. Our sustainable designs make every effort to avoid hazardous chemicals and protect your health.

Industry-certified designer, materials, and building design to proudly produce America’s most sustainable accessory dwelling unit (ADU).

Live in a healthy environment that contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle. Ongoing support for your happiness.

Proof of Concept

The first Passive House was built in 1991 in Darmstadt, Germany.

The concept was developed in the 1980s by German professor Wolfgang Feist and Swedish professor Bo Adamson.

The Antiochia model consumes only 10.9 kWh per sqm per year. That’s about 5 times more efficient than a traditional house!

You win.

Nature wins.

Your community thrives.

Choose a carbon-positive building to protect our natural world — producing 4x less climate-damaging emissions than conventional buildings.
By choosing to live in a sustainable building, you are demonstrating leadership within your community and deep concern for the environment.
Choose an optimized sustainable building for minimum environmental impact and maximum enjoyment of life.

We are driven by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

We provide a healthy indoor environment
We innovate
We build sustainable homes
We act in service of the climate

Tesla’s Solar Energy

We’ve integrated Tesla's solar energy technologies into our perfectly designed homes. Each roof is covered entirely in the company’s advanced solar tiles. We are also working to incorporate Tesla's powerful energy storage battery with a capacity of 4kW. As a result, your energy needs will be met under normal conditions day or night, summer or winter.

Additional Financial Benefits

  • Premium Rent
  • Premium Life
  • Premium Occupancy
  • Premium Rent
  • Premium Life
  • Premium Occupancy

There will be incredible demand for this house, meaning it will be rented way faster and for a longer period than a conventional house.

Lifetime additional operating cost of a conventional house = $178.000


*Based on California energy prices. Excludes maintenance costs, meaning the true figure will be far higher. Calculated according to the Antiochia model.


Our designs extend so much further than aesthetics. As building scientists, we focus on the most critical aspects for your life and well-being, not only what’s easy to evaluate with the naked eye.


Attention! We understand there are many factors in your ear when purchasing a home. The voice of science speaks the truth — a larger upfront cost will save you far more in the long run while contributing meaningfully to the environment.

Technicial Specifications

Antiochia 1+1

Space Heating Demand

10.9 kWh/m²a (ultra-efficient)


0.6 h-¹

Solar production

9300 kWh/a

Solar Storage

4 kWh


497 sqft

L x W x H

35.5ft x 14ft x 17.5ft

Ventilation heat recovery efficiency


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